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Plan Review Fee Schedule

Plan Review & Inspection

To ensure your project complies with Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) as required by law, we can review your construction plans and perform an inspection upon completion.  The fee schedule is as follows:

Kimberly Phipps-Nichol
Blue Water Studio, Houston

Testimonial >

As an interior designer who often works on projects with challenging existing conditions, I love working with Meghan at TAG because she really works WITH designers to understand options related to meeting TAS guidelines while maintaining design intent.

Her background as an interior designer helps tremendously as we work through the challenges and options. 

Meghan has been my Go-To for RAS services since she launched TAG, and she has always answered my frantic calls and off the wall emails and texts with great resources in a timely fashion.

Kimberly Phipps-Nichol2.jpg
Justin Chu
Senior Associates,
Kirksey Architecture

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Justin Chu_edited.jpg

Meghan has been a great resource. She’s helped me to understand the code by explaining things in an easy, yet logical manner, and is always willing to talk through challenges to help arrive at a solution.

Pre-Leasing and Accessiblity Audits

Pre-Leasing Audits & Accessibility Audits

Pre-Leasing audits are $150 per hour, one hour minimum. 

Accessibility audits are special services that require a different level of handling.  Please call our office to discuss your needs and pricing.

Austin Sherrill
Studio RED Architects

Testimonial >

Austin Sherrill.jpg

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Meghan! She outlines the entire Architectural Barriers licensing process from beginning to end. Anytime we have questions or concerns about specific areas within our projects, we are able to reach out to her and she is always available to respond with thoughtful suggestions.

Pre-Leasing Audits

Pre-Leasing audits are

$150 per hour, one hour minimum

Leydy Arriaga
Project Manager,
Identity Architects

Testimonial >

Woman - GRAY.jpg

Meghan has been a pleasure to work with as a RAS. She is a great resource for any ADA related questions, she quickly responds and is more than willing to help. As a RAS, Meghan is great at helping understand the TAS as it applies to your project.

Accessibility Audits

Please contact our office for pricing

Public Institutions


To assist in helping clients keep their certificates or licenses current, Texas Accessibility Group offers continuing education credits.

Joyce Riley
Project Manager,

Testimonial >

Thank you, Meghan - I really enjoyed your talk and learned a lot!! Have heard several positive comments about it and no one was hurt by the throwing of the candy.  : )

Woman - GRAY.jpg
Cynthia Walston
Partner Sr. Lab Planner,
Scientia Architects

Testimonial >

Cynthia Walston.jpg

Thanks. I enjoyed the seminar.  You have great energy.  You kept the topic interesting for your audience.

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