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About Texas Accessibility Group

Texas Accessibility Group (TAG) is a woman-owned and operated Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) firm. TAG is unique in the fact that the majority of our clients are focused only on the Texas Accessibility Standards.  TAG chooses to only provide services in the State of Texas, allowing greater client access to the RAS.


Furthermore, TAG employs only one RAS, which distinguishes it from competitors by offering streamlined plan review and inspection services. Having a single reviewer performing both services minimizes the chance for the frustrations that often arise when services are dispersed among several parties. Having a single reviewer also allows for expedient services and reasonable fees

Texas Accessibility Group (TAG) was founded in 2017, by Meghan Simecek.  Meghan is a Registered Interior Designer, practicing commercial interior design for 9 years prior to founding TAG.  Because of her interest and passion for accessibility, Meghan received her Registered Accessibility Specialist license in 2016.  She reviewed plans and completed inspections as a side venture, until deciding to pursue Accessibility full-time in early 2017. 


Over the previous years, Meghan has provided accessibility services on a wide variety of project types, sizes, and locations.  Texas Accessibility Group has worked with many different clients on all phases of design and construction, post-occupancy building surveys, and existing building audits.   Meghan’s specialties are her knowledge of the code and its application, her availability to clients, and her quick response time.

Meghan Broussard Simecek

Meghan Simecek is a Registered Accessibility Specialist and Registered Interior Designer in the State of Texas.  Meghan has owned and operated Texas Accessibility Group since early 2017.  Previously, Meghan practiced interior design at Wilson Architectural Group (now Dewberry), Kirksey Architecture, Inventure Design, and Stantec, on projects ranging from 800 sq ft doctor suites to 500,000 sq ft industrial warehouses.  As a RAS, Meghan continues to work on a wide variety of project types and sizes.


She uses her degree from Texas Tech in interior design and architecture to elevate corporate, education, and healthcare spaces.


Enthusiastic about educating the next generation of designers, Meghan teaches part-time at Houston Community College.


She is the former leader of the IIDA NCIDQ class.

Fun tidbit

Meghan’s first love is fashion design, but she originally went to University of Texas to become a math teacher, and quickly realized she was not cut out for the high school classroom. 

Her now husband suggested combining her love of fashion with her love of math, to pursue a degree in Interior Design.  With the change of major came a change of schools, and Meghan received her Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) from Texas Tech University.

TXAccessGroup-19 - cropped_edited.jpg

As a designer, Meghan quickly realized her passion for people of differing abilities, and her love of the “why” and the “who” of the Texas Accessibility Standards.  In 2015, she decided to achieve licensure as a Registered Accessibility Specialist.

Meghan is married to Micah Simecek, an architect and partner at Studio Red Architects.  They have one daughter, who is a talented artist and passionate violinist.  As a commercial real estate professional, Meghan is active in Accessibility Specialists Association (APA), CREW Houston, PWI, and various other organizations.  In her free time, Meghan enjoys reading, sewing, women’s soccer, college football, volunteering, and entertaining. 

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