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1. Project Registration

Register your project in the Texas Architectural Barriers Online System (TABS) system 



Complete and submit TDLR Form AB 005 Architectural Barriers Project Registration to Texas Accessibility Group or TDLR .  


-May be completed by anyone on the project team (Owner, Agent, Architect, etc.)

-Includes $175 fee to TDLR

2.  Plan Review

Send Texas Access Group one complete set of construction drawings in PDF format, in addition to a completed, signed and dated TDLR Proof of Sumbission Form via TABS.

-Drawings and specifications must be submitted to Texas Accessibility Group within 20 business days of issuance.

-The owner of the building/facility may not allow an application to be filed with a local governmental entity for a building construction permit related to the plans and specifications, or allow construction, renovation, or modification of the building/facility to begin before the date, plans, and specifications are submitted to a RAS.

3.  Inspection

Within 30 days of Substantial Completion, a request for inspection should be executed by owner/owner's agent.

-Projects registered before Dec 1, 2018, require TDLR Form AB041, Request for Inspection Formto be completed.

-Projects registered after Dec 1, 2018, the request is made in writing (email, memo, etc.)

Within one year of construction completion, schedule an inspection

-Anyone may be present at the inspection and must sign TDLR Form AB044,

Proof of Inspection
-The Owner will receive an automated reminder email from TDLR sixty days before the estimated completion date
-If the estimated completion date changes, your RAS must be notified in writing

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